Artist Statements

Bang, Bang you are dead
An AIDS victim died
A B C  Cuban refugees
Aliens across the fence
City bombers planning their next hit
A child cries for his mother
A crack-head breaks a glass window
A man builds a box
O.J. runs in his bronco
The Menendez cried in court
A lawyer points his finger
A mother drowned her kid
A cop chased a mugger
A woman holds a sign--Jesus Saves
The air is polluted
My friend hates his Father
His Father hates his Mother
His Mother is leaving his Father
The children are running away
The student carries a gun
The drug addict stops a car
The blind subway music man kicks his dog
A teenager drinks a beer
A preacher stands in a corner
A soldier shoots his rifle
A wedding takes place in the park
A rich man counts his money
A thirsty man asks for water
A clown smiles
A sinner prays
A dog barks
The train runs late
The light switch don't work
The Museum of Modern Art is free on Thursday
I look at my watch
I stretch a canvas
I mix some colors
I use a 2 1/2 inch brush
I listen to Gregorian Chants and
Cuban music
I change my style
I use acrylic paint
I nail plywood into the canvas
I look at myself in the mirror
I kill a roach
I make a painting of a barricade
I let it drip
I change the color
I don't like it
I answer the phone
I change the color again
I flip the CD
Tom Waits sings
Goya can't hear
Vincent cuts his ear
Picasso goes to Spain
Mondrian goes to Broadway
Beckman smokes a cigarette
Frida cuts her hair
Baselitz upside down
Saul's Day-Glo
Arneson picks his nose
Tomorrow is coming
Tomorrow is today
Today is now
Now is present

Luis Cruz Azaceta
November 4, 1995

1 fence
2 fences
3 fences
one wall
two walls
three walls
the border is the sea
blue, deep. Dense
transparent, mysterious, deadly
shark infested
barbwire & guaguanco
the north
cold, clean & rich
the exile begins
border language one
border color two
border ghetto three
in transit
on wheels
not here
nor there
Spanish, Hispanic, latino
Coffee, fear & hope
Diaspora and rock & roll
Split, split, split
Caught between 2 cultures
And the sea
Mirror, mirror, mirror
Urban jungle, urban beast
A piece of bread
And a daiquiri
A hole
A gun
A knife
And a dream
Alienation, creation & determination
Biting the edge
With a brush, ideas & nails
Confronting reality
At the foot
Of the abyss
Living & loving
Border line
The American dream


Luis Cruz Azaceta
August 11, 1996